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When you want to work in a team

Teamwork can be enjoyable and productive, but also annoying and boring. Here you can find some short tips to help you successfully solve any problems with teamwork you may encounter.


Encourage exchanging ideas. If your teammate is mostly silent during your meetings, try to help them out by asking questions to start the conversation.


Listen carefully to what your teammate has to say.


There are no silly ideas! Any idea can be useful, with the right approach.


Establish a good communication system. Be ready to give and receive feedback.

Make a plan of action for your teamwork and stick to it!

Re-delegate tasks and offer to help if you see that your teammate will not manage to finish theirs on time.

If you have creative differences, discuss in detail each opinion/idea, and carefully consider your teammate’s suggestions. You may need to compromise if they would not.

If no one is willing to compromise, start fresh. Try to come up with new ideas or view the topic from a different angle.

If your teammate is not doing their share of the work, talk to them about it instead of complaining to others, and see if there is a valid reason.

Try to show some understanding!


Differences in your culture, ethnicity, age, gender, family background, personality, character, etc. can be very helpful to your teamwork.

Use them to get different and unique perspectives!

For more information on the topic of teamwork, you can visit the interactive game-based learning platform "Collaborating in a diversified team" on the HKBU Challenge Hub. The steps required for the registration process are explained here. (add link at "here")

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