Tasks - Week 2

Welcome to Week 2!


There are 3 main tasks for this week:

  1. Read the text and watch the video here (Link to Ppt). When and Why was the "Healthy Cities" network established? Who is part of it? Can every city be healthy?

  2. Create a mind map to the topic of "Healthy Cities". You could be quite creative with it!

  3. Answer the question individually in 50-60 words: "Is your city a healthy city? Why?

You need to add the man tasks to your portfolio (pages 7 & 8)


To practice your language skills, complete the following exercises:

  1. Complete the quiz on Future Learn. You can find it here.

  2. A. Read the abstract here and answer the questions, or B. choose one of the 4 articles of the week here and answer the questions.

You need to add your language exercises to your Team Folder on Google Drive.


More materials on the topic of "Healthy Cities" are available here.

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